Buffet from Monday to Friday
8.00–10.00 h.

Eat whatever you want. Sweet, salty, hot, cold or a bit of everything.


11.00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

We support honest food, fresh ingredients and local products with an emphasis on the quality of processing. You can choose food that fills you up or food from our healthy buffet. Take the opportunity to have lunch with colleagues or friends, where everyone can choose from the lunch menu. View the weekly offer.

Weekly menu (PDF)

SOUP MEAT Kale soup with sausage 39 CZK / 59 CZK
SOUP VEG Indian tomato soup with lentils 39 CZK / 59 CZK
ISLANDS Fried cauliflower with tartare sauce 32 CZK
GLOBAL CUISINE Florentine chicken with spianch and Mornay sauce 154 CZK
CZECH CLASSIC Beef goulash with onion 154 CZK
CHEF´S SPECIAL Pork sirloin with pepper sauce, roasted vegetables 199 CZK
PASTA Rigatoni with turkey stripes and aubergine in creamy blue cheese sauce 169 CZK
SIDE DISH Crushed potatoes 18 CZK
SIDE DISH Bread dumpling 1pc 5 CZK
SIDE DISH Herb Spätzle 30 CZK
SOUP MEAT Frankfurt soup with sausage 39 CZK / 59 CZK
SOUP VEG Vegetables broth with rice noodles 39 CZK / 59 CZK
ISLANDS Ratatouille 32 CZK
GLOBAL CUISINE Chicken vindaloo 154 CZK
CZECH CLASSIC Roasted pork meat on garlic, cabbage 154 CZK
CHEF´S SPECIAL Roastbeef with mushrooms, salad 209 CZK
PASTA Gnocchi with spinach pesto and turkey meat 169 CZK
SIDE DISH Yasmine rice 18 CZK
SIDE DISH Bread dumpling 1pc 3 CZK
SIDE DISH Potato rösti 30 CZK
SOUP MEAT Chicken broth with rice and peas 39 CZK / 59 CZK
SOUP VEG Chickpea creamy soup with potatoes 39 CZK / 59 CZK
ISLANDS Dill sauce with boiled eggs 32 CZK
GLOBAL CUISINE Turkey stripes in oyster mushrooms sauce with blackroot 154 CZK
CZECH CLASSIC Beef stew in tomato sauce 154 CZK
CHEF´S SPECIAL Chicken supreme with herb butter, green pea puré with fresh mint 199 CZK
PASTA Spaghetti with spicy beef meat 169 CZK
SIDE DISH Yasmine rice 18 CZK
SIDE DISH Baked root vegetables with sweet potatoes 34 CZK
SOUP MEAT Creamy poultry soup with pea 39 CZK / 59 CZK
SOUP VEG Tomato soup with baked carrot 39 CZK / 59 CZK
ISLANDS Maroccan carrot tagine with chickpea 32 CZK
GLOBAL CUISINE Burgundy beef stripes 154 CZK
CZECH CLASSIC Fried turkey schnitzel, cucumber salad 154 CZK
CHEF´S SPECIAL Pulled pork burger 209 CZK
PASTA Fusilli with mushrooms ragout, parmasan 169 CZK
SIDE DISH Stew rice 18 CZK
SIDE DISH Mashed potatoes 18 CZK
SIDE DISH French fries 28 CZK
SOUP MEAT Beef broth with vegetables and meat 39 CZK / 59 CZK
SOUP VEG Cauliflower soup with egg and nutmeg 39 CZK / 59 CZK
ISLANDS Cauliflower Peas Masala 32 CZK
GLOBAL CUISINE Bun cha / vietnamese grilled brisket, rice noodles/ 154 CZK
CZECH CLASSIC Turkey steak with aubergine, pepper and sour cream 149 CZK
CHEF´S SPECIAL Grilled salmon, salad, wasabi majo 209 CZK
PASTA Fried rice noodles with chicken stripes, vegetables, sesame oil and soy sauce 169 CZK
SIDE DISH Yasmine rice 18 CZK
SIDE DISH Crushed potatoes with onion 18 CZK
SIDE DISH Baked grenaille with rosemary and garlic 34 CZK


The unique coffee of the Czech roaster La Bohéme guarantees a genuine coffee experience. There is no shortage of drinks on the menu, which includes fresh fruit juices full of vitamins, various types of creamy and very nutritious smoothies and our honest lemonades and iced teas.

Office Catering

We will prepare a working breakfast for you as well as refreshments for meetings, training sessions or a colleague’s birthday party. You can rely on quality guaranteed by the Zátiší Group, ease of ordering and on-time delivery.

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Corporate events

Having a company party, celebration, training or launching a new product? Surprise your guests with a stylish space holding up to 150 people, high-quality catering by the Zátiší Group and a professional service restaurant near the New Butovice metro.

About us

Aspira Café is an ideal spot for business meetings, breakfast, a quick lunch, but also to sit quietly with a cup of great coffee.

We are the Fresh & Tasty division of the Zátiší Group. We take care of daily meals with an emphasis on quality, freshness and local ingredients. We also try to provide healthy eating options. We believe that food is a source of mental energy and that a lack of time because of work obligations does not have to be an obstacle to eating quality food.